Thanks for applying to be a contributor. I wanted to share some information with you about the process of selecting contributors and what contributors do.


We receive a lot of applications, so from the outset we know that it will be unfortunate that we won’t be able to select everybody who has contacted us.   During the evaluation process we will contact some applicants to better understand and evaluate their skills, knowledge and ability to contribute.

At this point, we want to be clear that we are not engaging nor offering an employee relationship with any freelance contributor.  We provide a payment when we publish contributors content to our website, similar to how freelance journalists get paid when an article of theirs is published.


We generally start with a single trial region (have a look at to see what information is shared in a region) with each contributor to make sure we work well together.  We agree which region the freelance contributor will do, when it will be done as well as compensation for the region.  In general compensation ranges from $300 to $800 per region depending on our need for the region and the difficulty in profiling the region.

The most important aspect of a great freelance contributor is to find the best rides in a region.  This can be done through personal experience riding throughout the region or by learning about the best rides in the region.  To learn about the best rides in a region we always talk to the local national park information centers as well as tourist information, often with several different employees at each.  Talking to other riders on our rides and using online resources also helps.

We usually end up with a list of 12-15 rides which are universally rated as good to great rides that we evaluate ourselves to figure out which are the best.  These rides range from short rides that are 1-2 hours long up to full day rides.

For each ride we take a GPS of the route (we provide a smartphone app called GaiaGPS).  We also take lots of photos, as we need 8-12 of the best for the website.  After the rode , we write up the route description (we usually do it after dinner each night so we don’t forget anything).

Once the region is complete, we rank the Top 10 Rides and submit the content for review, editing and approval.  Once approved, we pay via or we can provide bank transfers for freelancers with their own corporations.

Published contributors are listed on our website, profiled in our social media and receive branded gear from

Please feel free to reply if you have any questions on the above.

Richard Campbell
Founder, Inc